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Houston County School Insights and Housing Market

Welcome to my blog! It is my hope that this page can provide you with insights to our amazing city and surrounding areas. Being a "military town", we have many people that transition here. I have worked with many individuals that are unable to visit in person and find out about our community prior to moving here. This can make a move more challenging at times. I hope you find this as a resource to learn and see more what our area can offer.

My own military family has lived in the Warner Robins area for over 10 years. I am happy to call this my home. I moved here from the Pacific Northwest, where I was born and raised, after a couple other moves from California, Alabama, and Florida. This area has provided my family with many opportunities and avenues for growth and exploration. I hope it can do the same for you!

For me, one of my first concerns moving here was learning about the school system. And what I needed to do for my then young children. Our award winning district is currently made up of 24 elementary/primary schools, 8 middle schools and 5 high schools. For a list of each school and link to their individual page, click HERE. Our primary schools are comprised of pre-k through 2nd grade. Some elementary schools then provide education for grades 3-5, while some are still pre-k through 5th. Our pre-k system is a state lottery funded program, for eligible 4 year old's. For more information about that program, and how to enroll, please visit Georgia of Early Care and Learning. Start this process early, as spots can fill up. More information can also be found at the district site, Houston County Board of Education (HCBE) at HCBE pre-k online.

Houston County High School
C.B. Watson Primary School

Most schools offer bus transportation to and from school. For more information on the bus system and routes, please visit Houston County School Bus information page.

Veterans High School
Thomson Middle School

Not only do we have an education of excellence, our schools provide many options for students interested in fine-arts, cheer, and sports. Our district has put some time and thought into creating some great venues for our teams to play at. McConnell-Talbert Stadium, The MAC, and Freedom Field are top-notch! Our very own Houston County High School's baseball team won the state championship earlier this year, winning a double header at Truist Park in Atlanta (Home of the Atlanta Braves!). For a local new story on that exciting win, click HERE.

In 2013, a Northside High School student went on to get a big win and compete in the semi-final teen tournament on Jeopardy!! Check this out!

Any football fans out there?? Jake Fromm was a Houston County High School graduate! We have some amazing young athletes in our district, and we all can't wait to see where they go...futures are bright here in Houston County!

Houston County Tennis Facility
Freedom Field, photo courtesy of Ben Webster

Georgia offers a Dual Enrollment program, that provides students enrolled at eligible public or private high schools, or home school, the opportunity to earn high school and college credits. These credits can be earned through the program at eligible college institutions in the state of Georgia. Some changes have recently taken place for this current school year that caps the total credits a student can earn through the program's funding. For more information on this program, please visit sites like GAFutures. It is a fantastic opportunity our state provides! My son has taken advantage of this program, though he started prior to the recent changes. As a senior now, he is only a handful of credits from graduating high school, with an associates degree! While there are some limitations to the program now that can make that more difficult, it is still a fantastic opportunity to give our Georgia students a "leg-up".

Other great opportunities are the HOPE and Zell-Miller Scholarships. For requirements and eligibility on these programs, please visit the scholarship page on GAFutures. I would urge these topics to be explored early on to understand and get your questions answered prior to your student being in high school, if possible. Some have cumulative requirements for eligibility, for example grades and GPA. High school counselors, or potential enrollment colleges, should be able to assist with further questions also. 

Warner Robins, home of Robins Air Force Base, is excited to have you as part of our community. If you are planning a move out here, I would love the opportunity to help you with your real estate needs. Let's find your next home! 

Our market is currently strong, and competitive. It helps having a real estate professional on your side to help you and work FOR you! Like many parts of our country, we are seeing a fast-paced, multi-offer, seller's market. We are seeing more inventory coming on the market, which will help our buyer's. Being pre-approved with a lender will also increase your chances for being more marketable to a seller. Some seller's want to see your ability in the form of pre-approval when viewing and making offers on their homes. If you need assistance with finding a lender, and learning more about loan types, please let me know. I would be happy to share some contacts with you. 

Are you ready to start your search? Please visit my website for more information on buying, or selling. I look forward to talking with you! And stay tuned for new posts. Comment if there is anything in particular you would like more information on regarding our great city, or real estate in our area.
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Houston County School Insights and Housing Market

Welcome to my blog! It is my hope that this page can provide you with insights to our amazing city and surrounding areas. Being a "mili...